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    Star MortgageOver 7 Years Experience

    Our adviser team consists of experienced mortgage advisers and ex-bankers.

    Established with the collaboration of some of the highest-ranking mortgage advisers in New Zealand. Customer service is crucial to the team at Star Mortgage, and we strive to continuously and purposefully find the best outcome for each client.

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    Star Mortgage provides, through our Financial Advisers, financial advice to our clients about: • Residential Home Loans; • Commercial Loans; • Construction Loans; • Development loans; • Asset Finance; • Business Loan

    Home Loans

    The team at Star Mortgage will work with you to find the best solutions across the financial market to meet your needs.


    Construction Loan

    Star Mortgage is adamant in making sure that your financial side of things are sorted.


    Commercial Loan

    We will walk you through step by step on getting the funding for purchasing a commercial property.


    Business Loan

    Need funding to expand your business? Need funding to buy equipment? Need funding to purchase a company truck, digger, car?


    Refix Mortgage

    We are very happy to help you with your mortgage review/refix. Not our existing customer? No problem, get in touch with us.


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    Property Finance

    Development Loan & Project Success

    Star Mortgage is providing the specialised advices on development funding in a range of innovative and flexible development funding solutions. Star Mortgage has a lot of successful project, which were funding by Banks, and financing institutions. We clearly understand property developers’ objectives.

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